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Why You Should Seal Your Crawl Space

By September 16, 2019February 24th, 2021News

Most homes in the Auburn, AL area are built on a crawl space. A crawl space provides access to pipes and ductwork under the home. Many crawl spaces are not sealed and this may not seem like a high priority project.

Here are three reasons why you should seal your crawl space now:

  1. Lower Energy Bills
    Sealing your crawl space helps prevent unconditioned air inside the crawl space from entering the interior of your home. If there is a pocket of cold or warm air underneath your home, that air will work to move toward the conditioned inside air to balance the pressure. This forces your home’s heating or cooling system to work overtime to condition this air that will continually flow into your living space. Sealing the crawl space will help reduce your energy costs so you can save money on monthly bills.
  2. Accessibility
    A sealed crawl space helps keep out leaves, sticks and debris. This makes your crawl space easier to access if work needs to be done on any plumbing or ductwork. A clean crawl space can also be used for storage.
  3. Structure Protection
    A damp crawl space allows moisture to build up which can promote mold growth. Dampness also creates an ideal living space for pests. Both of these scenarios can damage your home’s structure. Sealing your crawl space helps manage moisture and helps protect the structure of your home.

It’s important to properly seal your home’s crawl space. So when you are ready to seal your crawl space be sure to hire a qualified, established company. This investment will benefit your home and your family.