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“I would like to thank you and your team for a job well done. It has been refreshing to work with your team beginning with Andres [and} Jason and finally with Chris and Javier. All were very professional, friendly, and customer oriented”

“Always more than helpful.”

“Top notch company. We have used them multiple times and they never disappoint! Highly recommend.”
John, homeowner

“EcoLogical Insulation is a great company to work with in our industry. Their team is professional, friendly, and always runs a clean job. They also installed the insulation on my personal house and did great work.”
Sam, contractor

“EcoLogical Insulation made a huge difference for our home. They came in and made great recommendations for us. Very professional! Our house is much more energy efficient than it was before. Highly recommend!”
Julie, homeowner

“The crew was so friendly and the work was over the top good. Very timely and work place was so clean afterwards. USE THESE GUYS!!!!”
Joey, homeowner

“Great job! First home with spray foam insulation. This company takes the time to do a quality job. They develop a plan to keep your home well insulated but allow it to breathe. Thanks to our builder for choosing this company.”
Jane, homeowner

“Great attention to detail throughout the quote, sales and installation process. David (who sold the job) even came out the day of spraying to make sure nothing was overlooked. The spray crew masked everything off and made sure cleanup was a non-issue. The spray foam really made our metal barn feel solid and airtight. We are certainly happy that we chose EcoLogical Insulation to get the job done. We got seven different quotes and David was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable in making sure we received exactly what we were looking for.”
Benny, homeowner

“I never dreamed spray foam could lower my power bill as much as it did. Call EcoLogical Insulation and get an estimate today, it will be worth it!!”
Allen, homeowner

“EcoLogical Insulation was the most logical choice for our home. After researching the spray foam products we kept coming back to them because they had great customer service, and showed us that they have the best knowledge of what type of insulation product was best suited for our home. My wife and I understood that we were making a long term investment into our home and they walked us through every step of the process. They came in and taped, masked all windows, doors, outlets, and our fireplace. They were very clean and did not leave a mess for us to clean up. Once they completed the job one of the owners of the business (rare these days) came out and inspected our home. They did a great job of making us comfortable in the investment we were putting into our home. We look forward to seeing the utility bill results!”
David, homeowner

Great service and a professional team.”
John, homeowner

“We are building our second home using the spray foam insulation from EcoLogical Insulation. Three years ago we rebuilt our Lake Martin home, doubling our square footage and using a greater percentage of glass in the form of windows and doors. How shocked we were to find that our power bills have not gone up from the new house! We are now doing an extensive renovation of a craftsman bungalow and have used the spray foam insulation once again. We are excited about this product and encourage anyone who is interested in lowering their heating and cooling costs to contact EcoLogical Insulation.”
Dr. Ann W., homeowner, Birmingham, AL

“Our city inspector said your company installs batt & blown insulation better than anybody he has seen over the years. Highly complimented y’all.”
Lyle N., Residential Project Manager, Birmingham, AL

“Every time that I have done one of these projects, I have had problems with the other insulating companies. I am happy to say that is not the case with your company. Showed up early and worked late and was very professional in their dealings with me and with my subcontractors. I will push to use ​your​ company ​on​ future projects. Thanks for making my job a little easier today.”
Mike C., Commercial Superintendent, Columbus, GA

“Thanks for your great work on my new home. You have a great touch/approach, I appreciate the final price, workmanship & advice you gave during the process. I’ll spread the word about EcoLogical, your future is good.”
Jack J., homeowner, Auburn, AL

“We have been in our house since the end of July ’10 and can already see that our investment in spray foam through EcoLogical Insulation will more than pay for itself through the years. Our home is total electric and in the hottest month of the year our power bill was $288. In the coldest month it was $252. Amazing! Our last house was 1,000 square feet smaller and our coldest/warmest season bills topped out at $450. Another advantage is the temperature in our attic – it truly is never more than 10 degrees off from our living space providing us great climate controlled storage. I wish your business much success and would gladly provide you a reference/testimonial. Thanks Brycen and David!”
Lisa B., homeowner, Auburn, AL

“Just wanted you to know what a good job you and the crew did for me. I have used several other companies in the past and their work was sub-par compared to your company’s work. Your installers did a good job prepping, blowing it in and cleaning up. I hope that I will have more jobs in the future for the both of us. Looking forward to continued success.”
James S., Residential Builder, Birmingham, AL

happy customers

EcoLogical Insulation is an Alabama-based full service insulation contractor serving all of Alabama and Georgia from offices in Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn, and Huntsville, Alabama.