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Blown-in Wall System

If you’re looking for a high performance wall insulating system for use in new home construction or a remodeling project, the blown-in wall system may be your solution. The blown-in wall system is installed in open walls of new homes or remodeled spaces. This system eliminates any concern about insulation gaps by providing a seamless, thermally efficient blanket that completely fills any void in a wall cavity.

The blown-in wall system is installed in an open cavity before it is closed with drywall. This technique completely fills gaps in the wall and provides a more complete thermal barrier than installing standard batt insulation in exterior walls.

With the blown-in wall system, loose fill fiberglass insulation is densely packed into the wall cavity behind a layer of plastic. This fully fills the wall cavity and increases its energy savings potential. This system can be taken one step further by air sealing the wall cavity before installing insulation.

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