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Our Fiberglass Install Receives Top Grade

By May 16, 2017February 24th, 2021News

img_3042-1In 2006, The Residential Energy Services Network revised home energy rating standards. These new standards included grading insulation projects based on the quality of the installation work. This means a properly installed job would receive a higher rating (and be more energy efficient) than a poorly installed job.

Since proper installation is critical to the effectiveness of any insulation job, this new standard allowed quality contractors to stand apart from its competitors based on the skills and training of their installer team.

There are three grades in this new system: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. These grades apply to any type of insulation – fiberglass, spray foam, etc.

We recently completed a fiberglass installation that received a Grade 1 rating – the highest rating possible. A job receives a Grade 1 rating when the insulation is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For a fiberglass installation, this includes:

  • Fiberglass batts completely filling the cavity in the case of air-permeable insulation
  • Fiberglass batts are encapsulated on six sides (with an exception for IECC climate zones 1-3).
  • Fiberglass batts are cut around electrical junction boxes, split around wires and pipes, and generally not compressed.

A Grade 1 install can be achieved with any insulation project, including cost-effective products such as fiberglass. When combining proper installation techniques with air sealing, fiberglass insulation effectively insulates at a lower price point than other products.  We strive to achieve Grade 1 ratings on all fiberglass installations.
Ask your insulator how their installations are graded. Looking for a Grade 1 install on your next project? Contact us for a free estimate.