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EcoLogical Grows to Cover the State of Alabama Including Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Birmingham

By December 9, 2013April 27th, 2021News

EcoLogical Grows to Cover the State of Alabama Including Tuscaloosa, Huntsville and Birmingham

EcoLogical Insulation – Press Release For the past several years an Auburn, Alabama based company, EcoLogical Insulation, has been changing the way homes across the southeast are being insulated and kept warm. How? They are using an innovative technique coupled with new, greener, technology known as Icynene.

Unlike other uses of insulation such as fiber glass batts, rock and slag wool, or cotton and denim, Icynene is essentially spray foam that is water blown and open celled which produces a healthier, quieter home experience while reducing home heating cost. Growing to be the number one insulation product, EcoLogical Insulation is making a name for themselves by being the only licensed professionals in Central America.

Right now, EcoLogical Insulation is looking to expand their business further in the state of Alabama by moving into the Birmingham, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. You don’t have to be building a new home to have access to spray foam. For existing home owners looking to remodel and re-insulate their homes with Icynene for whatever the reasoning; to save utility costs, power, to go greener, or to simply stay warmer, EcoLogical Insulation can do the job you’re looking for.

EcoLogical Insulation employs individuals who have had years of experience with spray foam insulation so that their customers can feel safe and become informed when employees are on site. EcoLogical Insulation are also committed to the environment by being committed to other informational services such ENERGY STAR, Simple Steps, and Earth Easy. Through this commitment EcoLogical Insulation strives to inform the public not only about better Insulation products, but better environmental and sustainable living.

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