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How to Know if Your Attic Needs More Insulation

By December 20, 2016April 27th, 2021News

measuring-attic-insulationSince building codes change over time and insulation product can settle, your attic may be under insulated. This means you may be spending more money on energy bills than is necessary.

If your attic has less than 11″ of insulation, you may be wasting money on your energy bills. Today’s building codes require 11″ of insulation to ensure your home is properly insulated.

Want to check your attic? Here’s how:

  1. Open the access point to your attic.
  2. Place a ruler in your attic insulation with the 1” mark at the bottom. Want a quicker way to check? If you can see the top of the joists in your attic floor, you need more insulation.
  3. Make a note of insulation depth.
  4. Call us and tell us the results. We’ll schedule a time to double check the depth and provide an estimate to upgrade your insulation.


Adding insulation to your attic will increase comfort and reduce your energy bills. Have other questions about energy efficiency? Contact us – we’re happy to help!