Want to save money on energy bills and have a home with all the comforts you enjoy? Energy modeling is the answer.


Energy efficiency goes far beyond insulating and sealing air leaks. Although as much as 40% of a building’s energy use is wasted due to air leaks and air infiltration, it’s important to view a home or building as one energy unit, and consider how all parts of a home work together to make it either more efficient or less efficient.


Rather than focusing on a single problem such as an outdated heating or cooling system, inadequate insulation or drafty rooms, energy modeling determines how a combination of improvements can work together to increase your home’s comfort, lower your energy use and provide a home that meets your living needs.


Energy modeling allows for a specific building to be evaluated based on its own unique factors (e.g. climate, human use, utility rates) and simulate their impact on daily operating costs. Modeling can help you choose building materials, design, lighting and more to make your home as efficient as possible before you invest time and money in construction, upgrades and more.


You can immediately see the result of construction and material changes so you can create an environment that is both efficient and one you enjoy. In addition, with energy modeling you can do an analysis to determine energy usage and estimated utility bills.


Energy modeling is the plan before the action. It saves time, money and headache both during the construction or remodeling process and over the long term with lower energy bills.


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