New Home Construction and Why Spray Foam is Best

New Home Construction and Why Spray Foam is Best

When building a new home there are many decisions to make. One of the most important decisions is choosing the best insulation.

Properly insulating a home during construction allows a quality insulation contractor to completely insulate and seal the building envelope without working around obstacles such as walls, ceilings and floors. This means each cavity can be fully and completely insulated and air sealed so your new home is as energy efficient, comfortable and quiet as possible. This also prevents the need to retrofit your home with proper insulation down the road. Insulation costs can be as little as 2% of a construction budget with energy savings paying you back for the lifetime of your home.

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for new home insulation. No matter what area of the home is being insulated, spray foam is the right choice.

Spray foam insulation adds R-value and creates a full air barrier in one step. As a home naturally breathes, the conditioned inside air is drawn up and out through the roof. Spray foam insulation seamlessly air seals and insulates in one step, ensuring any attic penetration points are fully sealed to keep conditioned air inside. Additionally, applying spray foam insulation along the roofline creates partially conditioned space that can be used for storage.

Foam insulation can easily be installed in exterior walls of new homes. After wiring is installed and the wall is still open, spray foam insulation can be applied to each wall cavity and around windows and doors. Air sealing wall cavities and around windows makes living space more comfortable and minimizes outside noise bleed.

Crawl Spaces
The condition of a crawl space significantly affects home comfort. Crawl spaces can experience a greater level of moisture than other areas of a home. Spray foam insulation is resistant to moisture and creates a seal to help keep out water.

Rim joists around a basement’s perimeter are overlooked for insulation – and this is one of the most important areas to insulate! This area is one of the thinnest points around a home’s exterior, allowing outside air to easily move through building materials and into your basement. A cold basement creates cold floors on the main level of the home. Additionally, the proximity to the ground makes rim joists susceptible to moisture and mold. Insulating and sealing with spray foam keeps outside air and moisture out of the home and your basement more comfortable.

Spray foam insulation is an ideal product for insulating a new home. Spray foam adds a thermal barrier and seals air leaks in one pass. Spray foam insulation is resistant to moisture and keeps your home’s interior safe from unwanted air, water and outside pests. To learn more about spray foam insulation or discuss your next project, contact our office.

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