According to ENERGY STAR, more than 275,000 homeowners have improved their home’s energy efficiency and comfort.


The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program involves a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improve energy efficiency and home comfort, while helping to protect the environment. Benefits include homes with fewer drafts, consistent temperatures across rooms, better ventilation and humidity control, and lower utility bills. As a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, our team may make energy improvement recommendations including:


  • Sealing air leaks and adding insulation – major air leaks as well as those that seem insignificant are sources of energy loss in a home. Sealing air leaks is critical to improving the overall efficiency of your home, preventing the loss of conditioned air and the infiltration of outside pests, pollen and pollutants. Along with air sealing, adding insulation may recommend to address homes that are either under insulated or not insulated at all.
  • Sealing ductwork – many homes have leaky ductwork resulting in “uneven” areas of the home (some rooms are comfortable, some are not. Our team may recommend sealing your home’s ducts, balancing the duct system or insulating ductwork in attics or crawl spaces. Learn more about Duct Leakage Testing.
  • Improving heating and cooling systems – if your furnace or air conditioner is not an energy efficient unit, it may be recommended to replace it with high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR label. Installed correctly, these units can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs.
  • Upgrading lighting and appliances – energy used for lighting and appliances can account for half of your home’s total utility bill. Upgrades to ENERGY STAR qualified products may be recommended, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, electronic equipment, light fixtures, and compact fluorescent bulbs.