Energy Modeling

Energy efficiency goes far beyond insulating and sealing air leaks. Although as much as 40% of a building’s energy use is wasted due to air leaks and air infiltration, it’s important to view a home or building as one energy unit, and consider how all parts of a home work together to make it either more efficient or less efficient.

Energy modeling evaluates a building’s unique factors that impact energy use. Energy modeling goes beyond blower door and duct leakage tests. Energy modeling is a process of gathering building data including occupancy rates, building geometry, construction materials, lighting, plug loads, thermostat settings and more. This data is evaluated by a custom software tool to provide a list of improvements to the home based on factors unique to each home.

Energy modeling is used in both new home construction and existing homes. Modeling can help you choose building materials, design, lighting and more to make your home as efficient as possible before you invest time and money in construction and upgrades.

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