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There is more to a good Birmingham insulation contractor than meets the eye.


It’s important to choose an insulation contractor who knows both the technical part of their work and also understands customer service in Birmingham.


Why choose EcoLogical Insulation as your insulation contractor for the Birmingham area?


  • We take great pride in taking care of your property. We often leave a job cleaner than it was when we arrived.
  • When installing spray foam insulation, our installers tape and mask all windows, doors, outlets, fireplaces, and any other areas so they don’t get foam on them.
  • We are central Alabama’s only Icynene Licensed Dealer, which required extensive testing and installation training to ensure Icynene spray foam is properly installed and will perform right.
  • EcoLogical Insulation employs experienced installers. Proper installation ensures your insulation will perform as specified.
  • Our owners will personally inspect each job to make sure it passes our demanding Quality Checklist, and gets our stamp of approval.
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ecological about us

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